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Accommodation by water - the objects included in the category of swimming pool is not only welcome the lovers of water sports. You will find accommodation up to 500 meters from the water, eg river, pond or other water areas. Holidays on water - it is bathing, swimming and water sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding, yachting, rowing, etc. Even here canoeists can choose one of the objects on the front page and find a link to the states and the water level of rivers - accommodation for paddlers. Objects are divided into counties and then district towns, and also to tourist areas. 


Pálava accommodation, cheap accommodation at Novomlynské tanks - Kemp Pálava. Family camp located 800 meters fromNovomlýnské reservoir at the dame river Dyje. Part of the camp is also a possibility of accommodation in a hostel, accommodation in cottages on Pálava, areas for tents and caravans with electrical connections. The camp is suitable for family recreation sports, school trips and ...
Tel.: 519351722 - Nové Mlýny 69, Mikulov |


Accommodation in cabins at Boskovice, camping by the Moravský kras, recreational facilities Suchý, accommodation at Protivanov. Camp and cottage settlement Suchý, accommodation for sports camps and school trips to Blanensko. Cheap accommodation Moravský kras, accommodation for hikers, cyclists, anglers and mushroom pickers. Accommodation for families with children Boskovice, a place to position the caravan at Moravský kras ...
Tel.: 516468020 - Suchý 99, Boskovice |


Autokemp Mušov, Pasohlávky accommodation, cheap accommodation near Mikulov. Autokemp u Zápeců - Mušov camp, offers cheap and nice accommodation not only for weekend stays, seniors accommodation, accommodation of tourists and cyclists. Accommodation right on the shore of Pálava. Not only accommodations, but also the opportunity to visit the Aqua Park, wine cellars, fishing ...
Tel.: 730689999 - Pasohlávky 24 |

PÁLAVA, spol. s r.o.

The cheapest accommodation Pálava, cheap accommodation Pálava, accommodation Pasohlávky. Apartments Pálava - accommodation near Novomlýnské tanks. Pension Pálava provide a nice accommodation for visitors Pasohlávky. Not only accommodation at the Aqua Park Moravia, as well as accommodation for fishermen, accommodation for families with children, hikers and bikers. We will arrange for you the sale of fishing permits ...
Tel.: 602768693 - Pasohlávky 188 |


Accommodation near Letovice, cheap holiday accommodation Letovice, pension Vranová, guesthouse accommodation in Letovice. Romantic pension at the dam Křetínka, accommodation Letovice, accommodation for families with children Křetínka, cyclists accommodation Vranová, pension Letovice. Offer also sports sections accommodation, accommodation for sports camps, accommodation for soccer partitions ...
Tel.: 737458763 - Vranová 73, Křetín |


Lazinov 56, Křetín


Náměstí 45, Vranov nad Dyjí


Vranová, Křetín
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