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Pensions - Pensions category is for all who seek accommodation in the guesthouse. You can find guest houses in Bohemia and Moravia - mountain guesthouses, guest houses by the water, boarding houses, etc. in the cities are divided into counties and then district towns, and also to tourist areas.


Cheap accommodation in Jindřichův Hradec, weddings in South Bohemia, accommodation Jemčina, accommodation near Jindřichův Hradec. South Bohemia wellness programs, stays at the river nežárka, quality gatering near Jindřichův Hradec offers Pension U Černého čápa. Accommodation South Bohemia, accommodation on the river Nežárka, relax stays southern Bohemia, just a few steps from the picturesque dam ...
Tel.: 723868532 - Horní Lhota 19, Lásenice |


Accommodation in the South Bohemia, accommodation Staré Město pod Landštejnem, cheap accommodation at the castle Landštejn, boarding at Slavonice. Accommodation in Staré Město pod Landštejnem, romantic accommodation in Česká Kanada, school trips at Nová Bystřice, accommodation trips Česká Kanada. Pension on Slavonice - Pension Adria - offers high quality romantic accommodation near the castle of Landštejn ...
Tel.: 723707042 - Staré Město pod Landštejnem 147 |


Accommodation Týn nad Vltavou, brewery Týn nad Vltavou, microbrewery near Bechyně, pension near Týn nad Vltavou, rental space for corporate events at Bechyně, disco Týn nad Vltavou. Lipan Pension - Pension Dražíč, it is cheap housed at Orlická dam, tourist accommodation at Orlík, accommodation for families with children Bechyně, tours accommodation in Bechyňsko, facilities for training near Hluboká nad Vltavou ...
Tel.: 605871136 - Dražíč 50, Týn nad Vltavou |


Apartments Dačice, accommodation near Dačice, massage in Dačice, lymph drainage Dačice, courses for reducing overweight in Dačicko. Family accommodation Česká Kanada, weekend stays near Dačice, accommodation Dačice. Pension Ve škole - Pension Bílkov near Dačice. Pension Dačice - Apartments Ve škole is ideal for active family recreation, rest, convalesce seniors Dačice ...
Tel.: 728260078 - Bílkov 40, Dačice |


Accommodation in Dačice, facilities for training in Dačicko, accommodation Dačice, spaces for congress Česká Kanada. Cheap accommodation in South Bohemia, accommodation in Dačice offers a modern Motel Dačice. Dačice space for events, rental hall in Dačice, spaces for demonstrations at Jindřichův Hradec, weddings in the Highlands, reunion parties Dačice, congress facilities in Slavonice ...
Tel.: 602493771 - Toužínská 141, Dačice |


Accommodation Churáňov, cheap accommodation in Churáňov, accommodation in Šumava. Pension Churáňov is situated right at the top of the lift station Churáňov. Family pension is a great place to spend free time in the mountains and due to its location offers comfortable accommodation in the mountains in every season ...
Tel.: 723939159 - Zadov 157 |


Accommodations near the dam Orlík, cheap accommodation at Milevsko, training facilities, a place for reunion parties, school reunions, family reunions offers Restaurace a penzion Na Křižovatce - pension near Milevsko. Nice ambience, attentive service and a restaurant with fine dining, offering all guests a perfect privacy and prices. The highest possible quality for you to prepare ...
Tel.: 603474051 - Kovářov 30 |


Apartment house in Šumava, České Žleby accommodation, room rentals Šumava. In a beautiful part of the Šumava can find a charming village České Žleby with Apartments Na Zlaté stezce. Magnificent panoramic views will ensure you nice accommodation near Strážné, cheap accommodation at Volary or accommodation Prachatice. Not only accommodation ...
Tel.: 608747575 - České Žleby 29, Stožec |


Accommodation near Písek, in the mill South Bohemia, cheap accommodation Protivín, bungalows near Písek, romantic accommodation Vodňany, accommodation for families with children near Písek. Pension Protivín - Benešovský mlýn - the romantic countryside, close to the beautiful lakes, offers not only accommodation near Protivín, romantic accommodation Písek, wedding receptions South Bohemian as well as accommodation for tourists near Vodňany, Písek or Protivín ...
Tel.: 777663390 - Heřmaň u Písku 37, Protivín |


Apartments Milevsko, accommodation Milevsko, rental apartments in Milevsko, pension Milevsko, accommodation for family with children in Milevsko. Pension Milevsko - Pension Domeček Milevsko. Quality accommodation in Milevsko, luxury accommodation Milevsko, but also place for rest and spend a relaxing holiday in South Bohemia near the Orlík ...
Tel.: 605224789 - 5. května 108, Milevsko |


The cheapest accommodation in Milevsko, Chyšky accommodation, guesthouse in Přeštěnice, accommodation on a farm outside Milevsko, quality accommodation at Monínec. Přeštěnice Pension offers not only accommodation in Přeštěnice, Milevsko wedding receptions, ensuring family celebrations at Milevsko but also accommodation for cyclists Česká Sibiř or tourist accommodation Sedlec - Prčice. Accommodation at Milevsko, but especially ...
Tel.: 777272598 - Přeštěnice 6, Milevsko |


Accommodation near Týn nad Vltavou, the cheapest accommodation at Temelín, accommodation in Temelín, hostel for companies Týn nad Vltavou, corporate housing Temelín. Temelínská hospůdka - Pension Temelín - offers accommodation Temelín, accommodation of employees of companies with plants Temelín, but also accommodation for tourists, cyclists, anglers and mushroom pickers Týn nad Vltavou. Temelín pub and restaurant in the picturesque village of Temelín ...
Tel.: 725784478 - Temelín 26, Týn nad Vltavou |

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