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Pensions - Pensions category is for all who seek accommodation in the guesthouse. You can find guest houses in Bohemia and Moravia - mountain guesthouses, guest houses by the water, boarding houses, etc. in the cities are divided into counties and then district towns, and also to tourist areas.


Accommodation between Praha and Karlovy Vary, in the middle of beautiful forests, offers Pension and restaurant U Čapků in the picturesque village of Tis u Blatna. Accommodation near Karlovy Vary, cheap accommodation in the foothills Křivoklátskoa, accommodation at Podbořany. Accommodation with excellent cuisine will help provide space for training, weddings, school parties, sports camps ...
Tel.: 608538161 - Tis u Blatna 65, Žihle |


Accommodation at Domažlice, accommodation Šidlákov, the cheapest accommodation Český les, accommodation on the farm. Pension Šidlákov - in the picturesque landscape of the Šumava and the Bohemian Forest. Organic farm in Poběžovice offering cheap accommodation in Pošumaví, corporate accommodation in Domažlicko, tourist accommodation in Český les, accommodation on a farm near Horšovský Týn. Not only accommodation in apartments, but also healthy ...
Tel.: 702032610 - Šidlákov 25, Hora Svatého Václava |


Accommodation in Pošumaví, quality accommodation in the mill at Domažlice, accommodation Domažlice. In the beautiful corner of Pošumaví, close to the city Domažlice, you will find comfortable accommodation in Podveský mlýn. Not only accommodations, but also a restaurant with a variety of Chod and fish specialties from our pond, the possibility of barbecue and grilling. We will prepare as well as wedding and funeral receptions, family reunions, school reunions ...
Tel.: 602823971 - Tlumačov 93, Domažlice |


Accommodation in Kašperské Hory, Kašperské Hory rent apartment, quality accommodation in Šumava. Pension Kašperské Hory - Restaurant and hotel U Muzea can be found in the heart of Kašperské Hory in one of the most beautiful parts of Šumava. Not only accommodation in apartments Šumava, but also accommodation for families with children, seniors accommodation, hikers, cyclists and skiers. Part of modern pension is ...
Tel.: 602141032 - Fügnerova 37, Kašperské hory |
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