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Accommodation in the mountains - facilities included in the category of Accommodation in the mountains are objects that are found in our mountains throughout the Czech Republic. Mountain accommodation is very popular for every season. The mountains are an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Active holiday stiffens our health and our overall fitness, but also stay alone in the mountains strengthens the body and soul - holidays in the mountains. Objects are divided into counties and then district towns, and also to tourist areas. 


Hotel Jeseníky, accommodation in Malá Morávka, training facilities Karlova studánka, accommodation under Praděd. Hotel Kamzík - Hotel near Karlova Studánka - offers quality accommodation close to the ski lifts in the charming countryside Jeseníky. Spaces for school trips in Jeseníky, facilities for training in Jesenicko, accommodation near Bruntál. Hotel in Karlov pod Pradědem is ideal for ...
Tel.: 554721170 - Karlov pod Pradědem 182, Malá Morávka |


Jeseník spa stays, wellness stays in Jeseník, relax Jesenicko. Mountain Spa Karlova Studánka offers accommodations surrounded by beautiful nature of Jeseníky, under the highest mountain - Praděd. Accommodation in Karlova Studánka, quality accommodation Vrbno pod Pradědem and romantic accommodation in Jesenicko. Not only accommodations, but also ...
Tel.: 554798111 - Karlova Studánka 6 |


Rent a cottage for Jesenicko, accommodation under Praděd, accommodation at the ski lifts Jesenik. Cottage Karlov pod Pradědem - Cottage Smrková, dependence Hotel Kamzík, set in the beautiful Jeseníky nature with easy access to the ski lifts and cross-country trails. The summer season will find the necessary peace of families, tourists and senior citizens ...
Tel.: 554721170 - Malá Morávka 249, Karlov pod Pradědem |


Mountain hotel in Jeseníky, accommodation in Malá Morávka, facilities for training near Karlova Studánka, accommodation under Praděd. Mountain hotel Moravice offers comfortable tourist accommodation in the vicinity of the ski lifts, in the magical nature of the Jeseníky Mountains. All rooms are renovated and have their own bathroom. Spaces for outdoor schools in Jeseníky, training facilities in Jesenicko, accommodation near Bruntál. Mountain hotel Moravice in Karlov pod Pradědem is ...
Tel.: 554721170 - Karlov pod Pradědem 182, Malá Morávka |


Pension in Jeseníky, accommodation in Malá Morávka, rooms for training at Karlova Studánka, accommodation under Praděd. Pension Eden - pension near Karlova Studánka - offers nice accommodation in newly renovated rooms with bathroom. The close proximity of the ski lifts, the possibility of using sports facilities and wellness, which is a dependency ...
Tel.: 554721170 - Malá Morávka 252, Karlov pod Pradědem |


Bobrovník 15, Lipová - Lázně


Karlov pod Pradědem 54, Malá Morávka


Stříbrnice, Staré Město pod Sněžníkem
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