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Moravský kras

In our catalog you can choose your accommodation, guest houses, hotels, holiday resorts in the Moravský kras. Moravský kras is the largest karst area in the CR and lies between the cities and municipalities Blansko, Sloup, Jedovnice, Brno and Adamov. The biggest tourist attraction in Moravský kras is Macocha with depth 138 m, which is part of Punkva caves. Caves with underground river Punkva, after which you carry boats - of which you can admire the magnificent stalactite decoration. Certainly it is an interesting look at the abyss abyss of her bottom. More accessible caves in Moravský kras are Balcarka, Kateřinská, Sloupsko-Šošůvské and Výpustek. Holidays in Moravský kras is more for active people, if you want to inspect all the caves. Moravský kras is not only the cave. You can also take sightseeing trips in Moravský kras, eg lock Rájec nad Svitavou, Marian church Křtiny, Františčina huť or Windmill in Rudnice. Or jamboree trip to the lookout from which you will have Moravský kras at your fingertips. Those who like to spend their holidays on the water and loves water sports, then surely the choice of accommodation at pond Olšovec in the village Jedovnice. This recreational area is well known and highly attended and took to it especially families with children. 


Accommodation at Macocha, cheap accommodation in Moravský kras, the cheapest accommodation at Macocha, accommodation in Blanensko. Tourist cottage with 100 years tradition, has been completely refurbished and modernized in the style of Swiss chalets with a simple but efficient equipment, a bathroom on the floor. We offer accommodation in stylishly furnished rooms ...
Tel.: 516444250 - Horní můstek - propast Macocha 85, Vilémovice - Jedovnice | www.chatamacocha.cz


Accommodation in cabins at Boskovice, camping by the Moravský kras, recreational facilities Suchý, accommodation at Protivanov. Camp and cottage settlement Suchý, accommodation for sports camps and school trips to Blanensko. Cheap accommodation Moravský kras, accommodation for hikers, cyclists, anglers and mushroom pickers. Accommodation for families with children Boskovice, a place to position the caravan at Moravský kras ...
Tel.: 516468020 - Suchý 99, Boskovice | www.obecsuchy.cz


Accommodation Brno, hotel in the city center of Brno, accommodation under Špilberk, quality accommodation in Brno. Hotel Pod Špilberkem - Brno hotel offers nice and comfortable accommodation in the city center of Brno, close to the Brno Exhibition Centre. The stylish hotel situated below the Špilberk castle, in the newly renovated Bakery Street, offers its visitors a perfect privacy, including the possibility of parking in an enclosed courtyard. Not only accommodation in Brno, but also ...
Tel.: 543235003 - Pekařská 10, Brno | www.hotelpodspilberkem.cz
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